About Me

Marianna Stránská
About Me

Multimedia artist focused in her work on the viewer as a specific component of the artwork.

She cooperates with theater and film directors in Czech republic, France and Slovenia as a scenographer, costume designer, dramaturgy and puppeteer. Her creation is not only in Film and theater but she is also directing her author projects and creates interactive objects and installations. Since 2010 she is a member of a group of artists called Orbis pictus or … With this project she present her objects in Prague, Brno, Linz and New York. http://mariannastranska.cz/about-me/This year she was nominated for Czech Lion Awards by Czech Film and Television Academy for the best costume. With her brother she created a family artistic group STRANSKY ART COMPANY Presently they are preparing a nomadic performance for this summer.

Born in 1986 in Prague. She graduated from high school called PORG in Prague, after passing graduation exams she continued at the Theatre Faculty in Prague, majoring in stage design at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre. Currently she is a PhD candidate at the same department.


  • 2014 Presently PhD student at Department of Alternative and Puppet Theater, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
  • 2013 Graduated MA at The Theatre Faculty (DAMU), at the same department
  • 2009 Graduated BA degree at The Theatre Faculty (DAMU) at the same department
  • 2008 / 2009 ERASMUS, one-year studies stay in Spain, RESAD (Real Esquela Superior de Arte Dramatico), Madrid
  • 2006 Graduated at a private High School in Prague – PORG


  • 2014 nominated: Awards Czech Lion for the best costume design, feature film docudrama Cyril and Methodius, directed by Petr Nikolaev
  • 2012 Imodium – Polarity
    • first price VIDEOKLIP of the year 2011 at Žebřík iREPORT
  • 2012 Salut Coco!
    • Film of the month February, magazine – ReelShow.
    • Film has been chosen for the price KODAK CINEMATOGRAPHER
  • 2011 Keep your hands of my girl – group Top dream company
    • first price – the best videoklip at Ostrava-Pictures


Group exhibitions

  • 2014 as an author and curator organized an interactive exhibition for the world music Respect Festival, Ladronka, Prague
  • 2013 Vykýře PLAY, collective interactive exhibition with Petr Nikl, Malostranská Beseda
  • 2012 June – interactive exhibition with Petr Nikl, Jarda Kořán, Ondrej Smejkal…,

Czech Center New York

  • 2012 LABYRINTH OF SENCES, Orbis pictus or…, interactive exhibition, Linz in Austria
  • 2011 THE RELAXATION LANDSCAPE OF SENCES, interactive instalation at the VyšeHrátky Festival
  • 2011 Prague Quadrennial, object instalation
  • 2010 PLAY, Manes gallery, Orbis pictus or…, interactive exibition, supervised by Petr Nikl, Prague
  • 2007 Prague Quadrennial, object installation, Art Direction for Cinema (Costumes and Architecture)

Set Design and Costumes for performances

Dance performances

  • 2012 LA CARNAVAL DES ANIMAUX by Camille Saint-Saën, directed by Barbora Látalová, Ponec Theater
  • 2012 TWO BROTHERS IN THE SAME SHIRT, acrobatic performance, new circus

Puppet show

  • 2010 THE BREMEN MUSICIANS, National puppet theater in Lublana, directed by Matija Solce
  • 2008 ALICE IN WODERLAND, directed by Matija Solce, National puppet theater in Lublana


  • 2009 SOUTH HIGH WAY (Julio Cortazar), RESAD, Madrid
  • 2008 VERY SOCIAL DANCES, directed by Jiří Havelka, DISK Theater
  • 2005 The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Theater ANPU

Author performance

  • 2014 Presently preparing an author performance for nomadic theater with STRANSKY ART COMPANY
  • 2013 nomadic performance, Gullivers Travels, director and visual artist
  • 2010 MAKE A TEA, acrobatic performance, NEW CIRCUS, theater MLEJN
  • 2008 SIGH– Skupova Plzeň
  • 2007 SKRZNASKRZ, Wooden cream, performance connected with installation, NoD in Prague
  • 2006 – 2010 “PUPPET OCCUPATION”, every monthly show improvisations, in Czech and Slovenia


  • 2013 CYRIL AND METHOD, Docudrama, four episodes and a movie, directed by Petr Nikolaev, Prague
  • 2012 In Body, videoclip for Vladivojna La Chia, directed by Jan Chramosta
  • 2011
    • Salut COCO, short film directed by Jan Chramosta,
    • FAMU (Film Faculty of The Academy of Performing Arts)
    • Polarity, videoclip for the music band Imodium, directed by Jan Chramosta
    • Keep your hands of my girl, videoclip, Top dream company, directed by Jan Chramosta
  • 2008 ZLOMVAZ, sing-off directed by Jakub Wagner
  • 2007
    • Anticorro – short film, FAMU
    • HIDE, shortcut directed by Stefan Valdobrev, FAMU international

School performances

  • 2012 ABSINT, Pierre-Yves Chapalain
  • 2011 NO SUGAR, directed by Linda Dušková, DAMU
  • 2009 CREATION, directed by Ondrej Spišák, DISK theater
  • 2007 MYTOSITOCOSI, Site-specific project,
  • 2006
    • STOMACH STORY – author performance
    • MOSCO – PEŤUŠKY – directed by Šimon Sipišák
    • TINTAGILO`S DEATH – Maurice Maeterlick
    • THE CHAIR– art installation, school exhibition
    • MADAME POVERTY – puppet performance

Guiding Workshops

  • 2010 – 2014 QUIDANCE – workshop for childern (3 to 15), masks making
  • 2006 – 2010 “PUPPET OCCUPATION”, Theater DISK, monthly
  • 2008 PUF – Street Festival Theater, puppets making, Slovenia – Koper, Ljublana
  • 2007 ETNO HISTERIA – music workshop, Koper – Slovenia
  • 2004 La nuit de Prague – supervisor: Merlijn Twaalfhoven (Holland), Archa Theater

The White world According to Daliborek


costumes TOSCA




Ceny Jindřicha Chalupeckého 2016 – přenos


interier design



final piece








Two minutes sketch 2009